William Kentridge: Five Themes Review

William Kentridge: Five themes exhibition is an award-winning show. It is most toured contemporary exhibition ever; and Melbourne is its ninth and final stop.

Artist and film maker William Kentridge is best known for his charcoal animations which depict the political unrest in South Africa. Enter the magical dream like world of Kentridge’s genius mind by seeing the exhibition and experience the best of what he is famous for.

Whether you’re a fan of animation, film, theatre or art, this amazing exhibition will entertain you for hours. The exhibition is separated into 5 different themes: Ubu and the Procession, Soho and Felix, Artist in the Studio, The Magic Flute and The Nose. As it is a varied collection of films, drawing, prints and sculptures, you will be entranced by the playful nature of some of his work and then be moved to tears by his more emotionally poignant films.

The exhibition really deserves multiple visits as one visit is simply not enough, however if you are forced only to see three things in the whole show, you must experience the immersive and humorous projection room of the Artist in Studio inspired by Georges Méliès. It is simply a magical theatre model, with the mechanical puppets and projections as part of The Magic Flute. Last but certainly not least, the intriguing anamorphic film, What Will Come (Has Already Come).

This is the must see show of the year.

William Kentridge: Five Themes
Curated by Mark Rosenthal

Flinders St, Melbourne, VIC
Gallery 1

Thursday 8 March – Sunday 27 May 2012
Exhibition open daily 10am – 6pm

Photos by PANORAMIC+

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William Kentridge Media Conference at Acmi

The William Kentridge exhibition is an amazing show, and below is a video of the media conference at Acmi. It's a very long video but it is great for if you want some insight on Kentrigde's work. Kentridge is very eloquent.

William Kentriage: five themes Media conference conducted on the 7th of March 2012

00:00 INTRO: William Kentriage: Five themes
00:03 Introduction to the ACMI exhibtion by Tony Sweeney ACMI Director
05:50 William Kentriage talks about his work
10:36 Question and Answer (talks about erasure, drawing, uses of blue, advice for aspiring artist)
18:16 Acmi 8 March- 27th May 2012 Exhibition open daily 10am -6pm . More information at www.acmi.net.au
18:22 Credits: Video Brought to you by Art & Artists Blog and esperanto magazine 
18:27 Cedits: Filmed By PANORAMIC+