WE ARE HERE: An exploration of contemporary portraiture as a response to hatred and hope

Today is the last day of this really wonderful exhibition which if you have time I encourage you to go see. I found this show very poignant and moving. Running from 6th to the 29th May 2016 at the Glen Eira City Council Gallery which is on the corner of Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads in Caulfield (Monday to Friday 10am–5pm, Weekends 1pm–5pm).

"Presented by The Contemporary Collective, this exhibition features photography; painting; sculpture; jewellery; video; mixed media; and installations by renowned artists  Benjamin Armstrong, Irene Barberis, Godwin Bradbeer, Bindi Cole-Chocka, Carmella Grynberg, Linde Ivimey, Shoshanna Jordan, Jane Korman, Lillianne Milgrom, Victor Majzner, Hedy Ritterman, Avital Sheffer, Lousje Skala, Linda Wachtel and Guan Wei.

Curated by Dr Helen Light AM, this exhibition includes works by these artists who have responded to personal and collective histories and viewpoints regarding the trauma of war, and The Holocaust in particular. The artists' interpretation of contemporary portraiture further encourages a critical engagement with ideas around memorialization and representation. This exhibition honours post-war refugees who journeyed across the globe in order to establish new lives and families. Their stories are pertinent to current debates concerning refugees and asylum seekers." -Glen Eira City Council Gallery

Enjoy the following photos from the show.

000Linda Wachtel,We are here, 2015, Pigment print on archival cotton rag, 100 x 1400cm

001'WE ARE HERE: An exploration of contemporary portraiture as a response to hatred and hope' gallery view. (Linda Wachtel & Godwin Bradbeer)


'WE ARE HERE: An exploration of contemporary portraiture as a response to hatred and hope' gallery view. (Godwin Bradbeer, Lillianna Milgrom, Linde Ivimey & Lousje Skala)


'WE ARE HERE: An exploration of contemporary portraiture as a response to hatred and hope' gallery view. (Shoshanna Jordan, Irene Barberis & Carmella Grynberg)


Shoshanna Jordan, Mir Zehnen Do, 2016, pigment print on acid free cotton paper 100 x100cm each


Guan Wei, up in the clouds, No.5, 2012, bronze sculpture, 52 x 32 x 24cm

006Linde Ivimey, Heirloom, 2012, antique and vintage crystal, glass, silver, brass, water, electricity, 28 x 33 x 33cm


Jane Korman, Whistle While You Work, 2014, Video, 05:05min (Still Video)

009'WE ARE HERE: An exploration of contemporary portraiture as a response to hatred and hope' gallery view. (Hedy Ritterman, Avital Sheffer & Linde Ivimey)


'WE ARE HERE: An exploration of contemporary portraiture as a response to hatred and hope' gallery view. (Lousje Skala, Shoshanna Jordan & Hedy Ritterman)

Waldemar Kolbusz – ‘Rudiment’

Last week I visited the Flinders Lane Gallery (137 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000). The exhibition 'Rudiment' (13 Oct – 7 Nov 2015) features large gestural paintings of contemporary artist Waldemar Kolbusz. I really liked the spontaneous patches of paint and colour. 'This expressionistic project is abstract yet altogether unambiguous.' – Kate Britton.

Waldemar Kolbusz Rudiment Even Higher 2015 12

Waldemar Kolbusz, Even Higher 2015, oil on linen, 91cm x 91cm

 Waldemar Kolbusz Rudiment Frisson 2015

Waldemar Kolbusz, Frisson 2015, oil on linen, 122cm x 91cm

Waldemar Kolbusz Rudiment Looking 2015

Waldemar Kolbusz, Looking 2015, oil on linen, 91cm x 91cm

Waldemar Kolbusz Rudiment West 2015
Waldemar Kolbusz, West 2015, oil on linen, 140cm x 140cm

Waldemar Kolbusz Rudiment Popcorn 2015

Waldemar Kolbusz, Popcorn 2015, oil on linen, 91cm x 76cm

Waldemar Kolbusz Rudiment Slippers 2015

Waldemar Kolbusz, Slippers 2015, oil on linen, 183cm x 122cm       



Craft Pop Up Shop 2015

I recently visited the Craft pop up shop in the Melbourne Town Hall (90-120 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000), 'featuring the works of Australia's leading craftspeople and emerging talent'. Craft Victoria is the hub for contemporary craft and design. I really liked the creativity and quirkiness the craftspeople put into their work and it is always wonderful to suport other local creatives.

The pop up shop includes over 70 local makers; ceramics, jewellery, textiles, timber, paper, glass, mixed media, installations and demonstrations. Here are just some of the makers featured in the space; Melbourne ceramicists Andrei Davidoff, Sophie Moran, Alterfact and Vanessa Lucas, Melbourne jeweller Abby Seymour, leather worker Emma Greenwood, textile illustrators Sandra Eterovic and Georgina Cue, installations by makers Kim Jaeger (Pot Heads) and John Brooks, furniture designers Dale Hardiman, Coco FlipRedfox and Wilcox and Tide Design.

Dates: 21 October – 21 November, 2015.
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-6pm, open until 7pm on Fridays.

Vanessa Lucas ceramics Craft 2015

Vanessa Lucas ceramics, 2015

Alterfact one of a kind 3D printed vase 2015

Alterfact, One of a Kind 3D printed vase, 2015, Southern Ice Porcelain

Georgina Cue Mania Craft 2014

Georgina Cue, Manina, 2014, 52cm x 48cm, Acyrylic yarn on fly-screen, framed

Sofie Moran Quarry Collection Cup Craft 2015

Sofie Moran, Quarry Collection Cups, high fired stoneware with flecked, matte glaze

John Brooks Blobjects Craft 2015

John Brooks, Blobjects, 2015, Fuax fur, jersey, synthetic metallics, wood and paper plup

Kim Jaeger Basnarica II Stoneware clay Craft 2015

Kim Jaeger (Pot Heads) , Basnarica II, 2015, Stoneware clay and glaze, ceramic paint


Rigg Design Prize 2015

We are happy to announce another new writer to Art and Artists Blog, Emilia Martinez. Enjoy.

Today I went to the NGV at Federaion Square (Ground, Federation Sqaure, Flinders St & Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia). The exhibition I enjoyed the most was the Rigg Design Prize 2015 (18 Sep 15 – Feb 16) on level 3, showcasing work from seven furniture designers, Adam Goodrum (NSW), Brodie Neill (TAS), Daniel Emma (SA), Kate Rohde (VIC), Khai Liew (SA), Korban/Flaubert (NSW) and Koskela (NSW) in collaboration with the weavers of Elcho Island Arts (NT).

"Recognising excellence in contemporary Australian design, the Rigg Design Prize is the highest accolade for object and furniture design in Australia." – NGV

Brodie Niell Rigg Design Prize 2015

Brodie Neill, Remix Chaise Lounge, 2008 ,wood and mixed solid surface material

Kate Rohde Rigg Design Prize 2015

Kate Rohde, 2015

Adam Goodrum Rigg Design Prize 2015

Adam Goodrum, Unfolding, 2015, transparent synthetic polymer resin, dichroic filter
manufactured by Stage One, Melbourne

Daniel Emma Rigg Design Prize 2015 1

Daniel Emma, 2015

Daniel Emma Rigg Design Prize 2015 2

Daniel Emma, 2015

Koskela rigg design prize 2015

Koskela in collaboration with the weavers of Elcho Island Arts, 2015