Opening- Kent Wilson: ‘Would’

Come check out the opening of Would by Kent Wilson at Anna Pappas Gallery tongiht Wednesday 3 October from 6pm.

'Kent Wilson’s new solo exhibition at Anna Pappas Gallery explores our connection to nature through the materiality of wood and its origin in plant growth. Wilson’s series of wooden skulls and intricate abstract drawings are extrapolations and interpretations of natural patterns, processes and behaviours. The skulls implicate human life in the materiality of the plywood, the contour lines reflecting the growth rings of seasonal time. His considered use of this manufactured natural product blurs the fragile distinction between the natural and the cultural.'
Info and image via Anna pappa gallery facebook


miso & ghostpatrol studio

Last year I went to miso(right) & ghostpatro's(left) open studio on Little Collins st. corner Elizabeth st, Melbourne. Enjoy the pictures. I love the visually rich, colourful and eclectic nature of the studio. It is a very inspirational space.

How Awesome is this water tank? The cat is also very cool!

I love the collection of other artist work(especially Sean Edward Whelan work)and poloroids and colourful awesomeness.

 They were also selling their works for a very reasonably price as well as some books.

I got the wolf print above, beutiful.

Briony Barr: Art Experiment #1

On the 18th and 19th of February a group of people came together for Briony Barr's Art Experiment. Two days of fun, combining Art with Science in the beautiful South Melbourne Commons. It was really fun.


So with some tools, rules, a floor with some boundries and lots of explaining we created our own complex systems using people and tape.




It was like playing a game, goals, scores and prizes.

Above is an image of Elana person to reach the goal.

Keeping score, who whichever colour reached the goal more got paid more, how much? No idea. It really just made thing more interesting, however after a while I gave up on making the goal and tried to make the patterns look nice.

The pay packet above.


Above is a science that we learnt about complex systems, explained by Dr. Andrew Melatos of The University of Melbourne's Astrophysics Group.

Extra bits of fun and making of friends above.

Lots of group discussions and directions were made.

Than there was the undo-ing of all the tap. This is what happened…


The unplaned ball game…

The amazing food that was provided…

Briony Barr going to do  to another Art Experiment , she is looking for around 30 people (Agents) to participate in 'Art Experiment #2'. The experiment is part of a project called 'Drawing on Complexity' which is a collaboration between myself and physicist Dr. Andrew Melatos. It is funded by a grant from the Australia Council for the Arts.

-The experiment will run from 10am to 8pm on Sunday April 1st. 
– There will be snack/tea breaks, as well as lunch and dinner times. Dinner will be served at 7pm so you have the option to leave then if needed. All food will be vegetarian and delicious. Thanks Tony, aka SOYALENT GREEN.
– We will be working on the floor with tape. All tools provided.
– No experience necessary. You DO NOT need to be a visual artist (or a scientist!)
– There will be lots of photo documentation.

If you want to be involved please contact Briony :

brionybarr AT yahoo  DOT com

Wanna see more? Click here

Kubota Fumikazu at Blindside

I recommend everyone to checkout Kubota Fumikazu’s show (UN)FORTUNATELY NO LONGER HUMAN at Blindside in Gallery Two from 29 Feb – 17 Mar 2012.

In a world where we can so easily create lines using digital media, it is refreshing to see such intricately beautiful hand drawn elaborate graphic drawings.  You feel like you want to dive into his oddly un-human world of lines and negative space.

This is Kubota Fumikazu standing next to my favorite work in the show. It is a must see in person.

Installation view below.

On a side note his also had nice business cards and price list. Oh yes the prices were also very reasonable price started at $800.

To see more of his work click here