Word is the Bird, a Discussion with Jasmine Hearps-Rooney.

Jasmine has works on show opening at Brunswick Street Gallery(322 Brunswick Street,
Fitzroy) this Friday( 27th of November).

Her works combines typography with environmental concern to form a small yet coupling body of work that raises awareness for endangered native birds.


The text is the result of a personal quest to define her personal relationship with these birds that are from the Northern Rivers and central Coast of NSW.  The collection of generational observation are coupled with the at risk information about each species.


The initial idea was spawned from a conversation about the decline of the local finches that are no longer in her childhood area.  This then was fusioned with Jasmine’s current exploration of typography.


The next step in the process began with the research of endangered birds in the childhood town. Discussions with family developed a further personal connection to the plight of these birds. The execution combines traditional and digital. The first stage involves under-drawing in traditional pencil and pen. The finished drawings were then scanned and imported into photoshop to add the typography via a drawing tablet. The text was scaled and aligned to harmonise with the original drawing. The last stage was the printing. The results of this process created engaging works that draw the viewer in.

All works limited edition of 10.

masked owl drawing

Jasmine Hearps-Rooney, Maske Owl, 20 x 15 cm



Jasmine Hearps-Rooney, Golden Fininch,15 x 20 cm


kingfisher (2)

Jasmine Hearps-Rooney, Kingfisher,15 x 20 cm

orange belly

Jasmine Hearps-Rooney, Orange Belly,15 x 20 cm


Jasmine Hearps-Rooney, Willy Wagtail,15 x 20 cm


Jasmine Hearps-Rooney, 15 x 20 cm