The Dirty Dozen: Prevaricated Frequencies

I reguarly go through the Flinders Street Station underground (Degraves Street Underpass) and see the gallery, which was once called Platform now called The Dirty Dozen (<- click link to apply for this free exhibition space through creative spaces). The exhibtion on now is ‘Prevaricated Frequencies’ (24 June – 5 Septetember 2015) by Skunk Control. I love seeing things with moving parts and work that make you think…"How did they do that?"

"Skunk Control is a group of engineers, educators and scientists from the college of Engineering and Science at Victoria University. The group’s aim is to communicate art through science and science through art via installations that prompt investigation and engage feelings of excitement that define the process of discovery... The exhibition expands on the team’s award-winning work at the Gertrude Projection Festival in 2014. From stalagmites and tumbling stones to butterflies and kaleidoscopic cells, their polarised worlds show that creative thought can lie at the heart of any profession."

Another interesting thing is that as they are using motors they sometimes burn out so they require maintenence every few weeks to keep this show workng.

Some times I really love a show but have such a hard time with photographing it… this is one of them. This show looks much better in person, it is a must see. Enjoy… The Dirty Dozen _ skunk control _ Prevaricated FrequenciesThe Dirty Dozen _ skunk control _ Prevaricated Frequencies 4The Dirty Dozen _ skunk control _ Prevaricated Frequencies 6 The Dirty Dozen _ skunk control _ Prevaricated Frequencies 5 The Dirty Dozen _ skunk control _ Prevaricated Frequencies 3
The Dirty Dozen _ skunk control _ Prevaricated Frequencies 2

Exhibitions not to miss

Hi guys long time no blog, So I must explain… I've been sick(on and off for 4 months now) but fingers crossed I'm kicked that nasty flu. 

I have here 'Exhibitions not to miss' and I know you really only have 2 days to see some of these. So get out there and do the Gallery Walk. 
1. The Housing Project – Tue 11 to Sat 22 Sept 2012
An initiative by Greyspace in fortyfivedownstairs.  This interactive work where your pick houses and trees and place it on the table to control the sounds in the room. Create your own towna and soundscape. So fun!


45 Flinders LaneMelbourne 3000
Dates: Tue 11 to Sat 22 Sept 2012
Hours:Tue – Thurs 11am to 5pm
Fri 11am – 7pm
Sat 12pm to 4pm
2. Platform– 31 Aug 2012 – 28th Sept 2012
 So awesome so simple but so cool.  This was created by Acab Collective, Shannon Stanwell and Vivien Hollingworth
Degraves Street Subway
Melbourne Victoria Australia
(Under Flinders Street)
3. Edmund Pearce Gallery– 5th September – – 22nd Sept 2012
Beutiful photograhy at a good price. 

Edmund Pearce Gallery
Level 2, Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street (corner Flinders Lane)
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 11-5


4. Super Friends– 3 September – 6 October 2012
Ghostpatrol and Cat-Rabbit have done it again. At Craft Victoria  in there window that have a very cool installation. It must be seen in person. 

31 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
Gallery and Shop:
Monday to Saturday10am-5pm
Closed public holidays


4 shows to see this Weekend

So I have been a little slack with blogging (bad cold + working on my masters).  This will hopefully make up for it. I have been going to quite a few shows and these are my favourites…

1. Frames of Reference: 16th June – 8th July 2012
Langford 120 is a beautiful gallery and Frames of Reference is a beautifully curated show by Dr. Wilma Tabacco. The works in the show are vibrant and have collector appeal, reasonably priced works that I would love to own. (photo via Langford 120 webpage)

Langford 120
120 Langford Street
North Melbourne


2. Outline:  8th June – 29th June 2012 (I know last  day is Friday but this is a good show)

Carly Grace created this beautiful exhibition, playing with the illusion of space by drawing on the windows of the Platform. These photos don't do this show justice so you should see this in person.

Degraves Street Subway,
Melbourne (under Flinder street station)


3. There is no land (but the land)26th May  –  8th July 2012
Beutiful scalptures by Benedict Ernst. It is worth the drive. Photo by  Nick Kreisler.

Gippsland Art Gallery
70 Foster Street


4. off the Kerb 15 June – 6 July 2012
So off the Kerb is an Artist Run Initiative with three great shows, Direction Reflection by Jerome RushHope and Optimism by Nick Ilton and Between these things and those things by Kubota Fumikazu

off the Kerb
66B Johnston St