Taronga Wild! Rhinos project Opportunity

The call out to artists for submissions is now open – please find the artists info pack and submission form attached. Submissions close 23rd August 2013.
We welcome designs in any art form – from fine art to graffiti, new media to mosaic, embroidery to metalwork. Whatever the art form we’re keen to add drama, fun and a creative flourish to the Taronga Wild! Rhinos sculpture trail. The commissioned artists will be paid an honorarium of $1,000 upon completion of the artwork.
So why get involved?
  • By participating artists will help support our rhino breeding and in-situ conservation programs.
  • This is an exceptional opportunity to showcase the artist’s creative talents to a mass audience – Taronga Wild! Rhinos is set to generate massive community awareness, attracting thousands of visitors to the sculpture trail.
  • Connect with other artists, businesses and the community. Participants will be part of one of the most talked about public art exhibitions in Australia.
  • Artists will be invited to attend the auction event to see firsthand how their sculpture can raise funds to support this important conservation effort.
The Taronga Wild! Rhinos sculpture trail will transform the streets, parks and public spaces of Sydney and greater NSW into a fun, free art gallery taking people on a journey of discovery. With your involvement, we look forward to presenting a creative showcase this summer which will educate and inspire the public about art and the plight of rhinos.
The Rhinos are coming.  Join the charge and help make a difference.