Occupy Art (what happened)

So this post is almost a week late but it's finally here. Sorry guys I have been super busy.

Melbourne's Occupy art movement was split up into a few different places. I went to the one in city square and this is what happened…

The mini protest:

I think it was great that the public got involved in making signs for the figures…

Here are some of my favouites…

The chalk:

The Boxes:


As a teacher, this was my favouite…

The Grayden Shelley's stickers:

I really injoyed that the 'City of Melbourne Man' also got involved

The Ballons:


The Chairs:

A psychedelic chair…

The  Briony Barr'sTape:

Most people ignored the tape unless someone was in it the square.

The Artist working in the space:

This photo of me was taken by Briony Barr

I really enjoyed Sam Petersen

Tim Denton as 'GARY FROM ADMINISTRATION' made quite an impact…

15 mins before the end mother nature decided to kick us out…


Artists involved: Briony Barr, Nathan Gray, Alex Desebrock, Tim Denton, Grayden Shelley, Sam Petersen, Lauren Simmonds, Teigan Evans, Gregory Crocetti, Jacqui Smith, Jodi Newcombe, Daiana Voinescu Suprize Trauma, Lucreccia Quintanilla, Jason Heller, Kaela Drew, Sarah Corynder Forde, Dan Goronszy,  Joel Hynes, Zhen & more.

Overall it was a fun day packed full of art.

For more info click here