Rigg Design Prize 2015

We are happy to announce another new writer to Art and Artists Blog, Emilia Martinez. Enjoy.

Today I went to the NGV at Federaion Square (Ground, Federation Sqaure, Flinders St & Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia). The exhibition I enjoyed the most was the Rigg Design Prize 2015 (18 Sep 15 – Feb 16) on level 3, showcasing work from seven furniture designers, Adam Goodrum (NSW), Brodie Neill (TAS), Daniel Emma (SA), Kate Rohde (VIC), Khai Liew (SA), Korban/Flaubert (NSW) and Koskela (NSW) in collaboration with the weavers of Elcho Island Arts (NT).

"Recognising excellence in contemporary Australian design, the Rigg Design Prize is the highest accolade for object and furniture design in Australia." – NGV

Brodie Niell Rigg Design Prize 2015

Brodie Neill, Remix Chaise Lounge, 2008 ,wood and mixed solid surface material

Kate Rohde Rigg Design Prize 2015

Kate Rohde, 2015

Adam Goodrum Rigg Design Prize 2015

Adam Goodrum, Unfolding, 2015, transparent synthetic polymer resin, dichroic filter
manufactured by Stage One, Melbourne

Daniel Emma Rigg Design Prize 2015 1

Daniel Emma, 2015

Daniel Emma Rigg Design Prize 2015 2

Daniel Emma, 2015

Koskela rigg design prize 2015

Koskela in collaboration with the weavers of Elcho Island Arts, 2015


3 shows to see this weekend

There are a few must see shows this weekend, enjoy…

1. The Subtleties of Form: 8th July – 24th July 2012 

This exhibition has some beautiful works from Pippa Makgill, Simon Gardam and Kimberly Denson. The images below are only some of what you will see in this exhibition, venture into town and see these talented artists’ works in person.  
Pippa Makgill

Simon Gardam

Kimberly Denson

13 Somerset Place

2. Innovators 230th June – 29th July 2012 

Very exciting works by Bonnie Lane, Henriette Kassay Schuster, Hermoine MerryMaryanne Coutts, Kat Clarke, Lachlan Petras and  Christopher Jones.  Below is just some of the works from the show.
Maryanne Coutts

Henriette Kassay Schuster and Hermoine Merry

26 Acland Street,
St Kilda
3. Finding a Voice: 28th June – 11th August 2012 
A new video by Nina Ross an exciting emerging Artist.
Screen Space
30 Guildford Lane,
Image via Screen Space