Occupy Art (what happened)

So this post is almost a week late but it's finally here. Sorry guys I have been super busy.

Melbourne's Occupy art movement was split up into a few different places. I went to the one in city square and this is what happened…

The mini protest:

I think it was great that the public got involved in making signs for the figures…

Here are some of my favouites…

The chalk:

The Boxes:


As a teacher, this was my favouite…

The Grayden Shelley's stickers:

I really injoyed that the 'City of Melbourne Man' also got involved

The Ballons:


The Chairs:

A psychedelic chair…

The  Briony Barr'sTape:

Most people ignored the tape unless someone was in it the square.

The Artist working in the space:

This photo of me was taken by Briony Barr

I really enjoyed Sam Petersen

Tim Denton as 'GARY FROM ADMINISTRATION' made quite an impact…

15 mins before the end mother nature decided to kick us out…


Artists involved: Briony Barr, Nathan Gray, Alex Desebrock, Tim Denton, Grayden Shelley, Sam Petersen, Lauren Simmonds, Teigan Evans, Gregory Crocetti, Jacqui Smith, Jodi Newcombe, Daiana Voinescu Suprize Trauma, Lucreccia Quintanilla, Jason Heller, Kaela Drew, Sarah Corynder Forde, Dan Goronszy,  Joel Hynes, Zhen & more.

Overall it was a fun day packed full of art.

For more info click here

  1. Looks like a great event. I wish I could have gone.
    Great work Zhen!

    1. Thanks Chii perhaps next time, thanks for the lovely comment Chii.

  2. I'm not sure if this type of Artwork will force change umongst our ruling elite which govern over modern day democracies like in  Australia or America.
    Confrontation not comedy is what forces change.This photographed "Occupy: movement seems to be run by garden fairies.How can anyone really take this serious,other than the Artist involved.No participation by the general public on mass, no Police even there to insult, this is, and  i hate to tell you, has really NOTHING to do with the "Occupy" movement in the slightest, and you actually give the movement of which i'm part of a bad name with what your doing.The only true "Occupy" artist in Australia is spoken about by Jello Biafra,former Dead Kennedy and Movement leader for atleast 25 years!
    Read this Artist Biafra mentions blogs, fearlessly aimed right at Texan Billionaire Koch Brothers, this is true Occupy thought and action!
    You probably had good intentions, and i'm not attempting to slam your efforts,not at all,I just don't think the real "Occupy" movement is one to be ridiculed either, and in my opinion ,and mine only,this is what has eventuated!

    1. I put this to the Occupy Art Melbourne people and this is what they had to say:

      Tim Denton In your face protest works with like minded people already converted to the cause. humour can draw in others not converted and turn their thoughts to what is being said. sad that the occupy rulemakers are just as elitist as the capitalists they are protesting about, is this what I am seeing from the comment above.

    2. @Bree Kronichwicz
      That is the beauty of art, each individual has a personal viewpoint on what they take it to mean or express. One looks at a picture and sees it thru their eyes while another looks at the same picture and sees and gets a totally different perspective.
      What’s great about those two different view points is neither one is particularly wrong. It’s the individual’s personal life experiences, a singular journey that shapes that individual’s perspective. And since we all walk in one set of shoes, your and my walk is totally different. So while you may see a boy falling off a cliff, I, on the other hand may see that he has in fact dove off the cliff and emerges into the water below for an afternoon enjoyment.
      You say that comedy does not force change. I think you should ask the following comedians about that and the subject matter they choose.
      Ali G – Ain’t that a bit racialist

      George Carlin – Pro-Life is Anti Woman!
      Chris Rock – Difference between men & women
      Chris Rock – grade students
      Paul Mooney – Racism in America
      Not sure if one wants the police around ‘to insult.’ Maybe you ought to have asked Rodney King about that.
      I repeat my opening ‘that is the beauty,’ it is ‘your opinion only.’ Thus, the each and rest of us do not have to agree with your opinion. Just my opinion.

    3. Hi Bree,

      This project was created with the specific aim of not being confrontational, but engaging with people that aren't already engaged in Occupy. For some people aggressive behaviour gets their attention, but for others it tends to induce cotton-wool-in-ears type reactions.
      Through creativity, humour, interaction and conversation this work has raised awareness of Occupy issues – which is at the core of the movement: awareness.
      The Occupy we know welcomes different ways of engaging with the issues.
      Just like it welcomes people from all walks of life.


    4.  Sometimes comedy is confronting. Also people force change, and not all people can be moved to change by fights with police. All forms of action are valid as they are representing all parts of the community whose voices are spoken and heard in different ways. These small protesters are created by many people who are part of the general public not by one artist, and are altered publicly by the general public.

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