Pins By Lydra: Tights

Recently Lydra from  Pins By Lydra contacted me about scouting for new Artist and Designers for her beutiful tights. As a huge Fan of Fashion and Art collaberations, I encourage all the Artist  and designers out there to enter your work, apply online here-
(I know I will be entering)

Pins By Lydra collaborate with various artists / designers to make designer leggings. She works with them to put their artworks onto leggings and then sell them online on her website. The artist receives a commission for each pair of leggings and it's just a good opportunity for another income stream for artist. The leggings are all made locally in Melbourne.

Her most recent collaboration was with artist Anthony Breslin, below is an image of the tights…

Here are some more collaborations


All images were provided by Pins By Lydra

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